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Terms and Conditions - WHOLESALE

All customers who are interested to purchase from our online store must first register to see the prices.

After a successful registration our staff will, in our working time (Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 17:00), proceed to activate the user's account. After the activation, the user will receive a confirmation email and can then access our wholesale prices and can shop in our online store.


All buyers who are interested in buying from our online store must first register to see the prices.
Minimum order is 150,00 € VAT excluded!
After successful registration our staff will proceed to activate the user's account. After the activation, the user will receive a confirmation email and can then access our wholesale prices and shop in our online store.

Registering to our online store is voluntary; each registered user can at any time request that the provider deletes the data provided by the user during the registration which also terminates the status of a registered user, and the user loses everything they had as a registered user. The user can register again at any time he wants.

All prices are in EUR (without VAT). We reserve the right to price changes.

Purchase procedure
Purchasing in our online store is only possible after the user sings up at our online shop (after the registration). Once the user has signed in he has the access to all prices and products.

To order the desired item the user selects the desired color, size and quantity. To confirm the order of the desired item, the user must click the "add to cart" button. The user can then proceed with the purchase or he can finalize the purchase. For the confirmation of the purchase, the user clicks the "check out" button. The user is then transferred to the cart section where all the ordered products appear. The user can also delete the items here if he decides he doesn't want a particular product. The user must agree to our terms and conditions to continue with the purchase. In the next step the user selects the type of delivery and payment method.

To confirm the order and send it to process the user must click on the "I confirm my order" button.

If the user chooses "bank transfer" payment method he must wait for the availability confirmation and bank account details which he will receive via email.

Orders must be pre-paid. We accept only bank payments or payments by PayPal. A pro-form invoice will be sent to you by e-mail or fax. Right after we receive your payment we will send you your order.


Wholesale orders are typically shipped within 3-4 business days from the order date, and are shipped via GLS express couriers. 
Approx. shipping costs:


(working days)



1 - 2 days

5,00 €*



(working days)



1-2 days

10,00 €*


2-3 days

10,00 €*
2-3 days15,00 €*

5-7 days36,00 €*


5 - 7 days

36,00 €*


3 - 4 days



5-30 days

60,00 €*

 *Please note that you will be informed of the EXACT cost of transport before the goods are dispatched. For bulky packages or heavy goods the price of shipping increases. 

For Resale Only

Many products are handmade and hand printed. There can be inconsistency due to this nature. This is accepted by the buyer when the order is placed and will not be a considered fault and therefore no credit will be issued.

All products must be purchased for resale only. Your wholesale account can’t be used by anyone else but you (or an approved representative of your company). Wholesale products can’t be used for gifts or personal use. We reserve the right to terminate any wholesale account if we find out that you are violating this agreement.

Faulty Products - Returns
Please do not return any goods without the instructions of our staff.

If the delivered items are damaged in any way our customers (in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act – ZV Pot) can inform us within 24 hours from receiving the package. The damaged items need to be returned to our company within fourteen (14) days and on your costs.

Additional conditions:
- The bill must be enclosed.
- The goods are returned without any additional damage and with the etiquette.
- By satisfying the above conditions, we will replace the goods or reimburse you
- Shipping costs of returning the goods shall be covered by the customer.
- The customer can demand reimbursement of the purchase price, which is transferred to the customer's bank account no later than in fifteen (15) days of receipt of the request.
- We do not accept items that do not meet our terms and conditions.

The goods can be returned to our address (see below).

Buyer can send a complaint and return the goods within eight (8) days of purchase if the seller sent the wrong product, the wrong quantity or wrong colour. The customer can in this case demand a replacement of the same faulty product.

The product cannot be claimed if:
- goods have been manufactured according to the instructions of the consumer or has been adapted to their personal needs,
- have passed more than 8 days from the receivement of the goods,
- if we find that goods have been damaged due to improper or careless handling of the customer,
- the goods are not accompanied with the original bill or invoice,
- the goods are removed from the original packaging,
- the original labels are removed,
- signs of use are visible.

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Privacy Policy
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